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Brand new Hornady LockNLoad AP

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Brand new Hornady LockNLoad AP

Postby Muleskinner » Sun May 11, 2014 3:59 pm

Well I was finally able to order my birthday present I have been saving up for, for several years now. Natchez Shooters Supply recently ran a pretty good sale on the Hornady LockNLoad. Honestly, I was undecided between going more conservative with Lee or splurging on either an RCBS or Hornady LnL. I finally went with Hornady.

I was to start a week of vacation from work on April 21st. I placed my order the Monday before Good Friday and it came in that Saturday. Now the bad news. I hurt my back at work the last day before I started vacation. I spent my whole vacation and the following Monday and Tuesday in my recliner or laying in bed. Went in the next Monday to have epidural type injections in my lower back. Anyone who has ever had back problems will know what I'm talking about.

Well, I hate to say, I have not been able to get my press set up yet. I'm getting close to starting on it now that I am able to move again but work has also picked up. Seems like there is always something going on that gets in the way.

I ordered a set of .223 dies and shell plate at the same time from Natchez. All I could afford when I ordered it. I had picked up an RCBS manual scale from eBay a while back and a friend gave me a kinetic type bullet puller (hammer type) he didn't need anymore. I have a vibratory type brass cleaner and walnut hull media. Now I'm shopping for bullets, primers and powder.

Looking for first hand reviews on what any of you might be using to reload .223/5.56. I have a lot of .223 brass that I plan to load at the lower pressures that that brass can handle but I would also like to load my 5.56 brass to duplicate (pretty close) the factory M193 military loads. I plan to (want to) get a chronograph to use but that is way down the road.
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