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British Photojournalist Finds American Gun Owners Don't Fit 'Gun-Nut' Stereotype

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British Photojournalist Finds American Gun Owners Don't Fit 'Gun-Nut' Stereotype

Postby fastback65 » Sun Apr 20, 2014 11:19 am

When British photojournalist Charles Ommanney traveled through six states to photograph American gun owners, he found something he did not expect: they don't fit the stereotypes.

According to, Ommanney was sent to photograph American gun owners for the German magazine Stern. In so doing, he discovered "people who are often far from the stereotypical vision of the American 'gun-nut.'"

He found a teenager named Elizabeth, who posed with a Walther handgun "in front of a floral wallpaper backdrop." He found entire families--mother, father, daughter, son--who posed with their firearms of choice.

Ommanney also found one woman with a pump shotgun for home and personal defense and another with a handgun. One father had an AR-15, and another dad had a pistol holstered on his hip as he carried his son in a papoose.

Ommanney said he came away from the project understanding there are a variety of reasons Americans own guns, but it all ultimately comes back to one thing: they own firearms because they refuse "to be a victim."
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Re: British Photojournalist Finds American Gun Owners Don't Fit 'Gun-Nut' Stereotype

Postby medicmike » Fri Apr 25, 2014 10:44 am

There is a fascination among Brits about American gun ownership. I found it funny when hanging with the Brit engineers on a work trip to Israel. One of the first things they said was "oh you're a all own a lot of guns" trying to poke fun at me. Once I said that I am in fact a gun owner they got very interested and started asking a lot of questions, both technical and philosophical, finally admitting that they are envious that we get to own such cool toys.
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