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Mother arrested after she fired into crowd of people to break up fight

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Mother arrested after she fired into crowd of people to break up fight

Postby fastback65 » Wed Apr 08, 2015 8:36 am

Mother arrested after she fired into crowd of people to break up fight.......

Gun-wielding mother arrested after she fired into crowd of people to break up fight - only for the bullet to hit and kill her teenage SON

-Latoya Tilson, 33, was reportedly hit in face during fight on Saturday night
-She took out .25-caliber gun and fired several times into the feuding crowd
-But while one bullet struck a boy, 17, other hit her 15-year-old son, Pierre
-Pierre rushed to hospital with gunshot wound to head; he died on Monday
-Mother fled scene, but was later arrested at home in College Park, Georgia
-Tilson was arrested on a number of charges, including aggravated assault
-Charges will likely be updated following high school student's tragic death
-Pierre was 'trying to protect sister, 13, from other boy when fight started'

2758B8AC00000578-3028886-image-m-5_1428413833684.jpg (61.57 KiB) Viewed 723 times

A gun-wielding mother has been arrested after allegedly firing into a crowd of people outside an apartment complex in a bid to break up a fight - only for the bullet to hit and kill her teenage son.

Latoya Tilson, 33, took out a .25-caliber handgun and fired several times into the feuding crowd in College Park, Georgia, on Saturday night after she was hit in the face by someone, police said.

But while one bullet struck a 17-year-old boy in the buttocks, another hit Tilson's 15-year-old son, Pierre, in the head. Pierre had apparently been trying to protect his sister, 13, from the other boy.

When first responders arrived at the scene, the teenager was lying unconscious on the floor. He was not breathing and a bullet was lodged in his head. His mother had fled the scene, it is alleged.


was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital with a gunshot wound to the back of his head. He remained in intensive care for two days, but despite medics' best efforts, he died on Monday.

On Saturday night, Tilson was arrested on several charges, including aggravated assault and cruelty to children, after shocked witnesses told police she had seemingly accidentally shot her son.

She is now expected to face upgraded charges following Pierre's death. The other shooting victim, who has not been named, is believed to have been successfully treated in hospital for his injury.

During the incident outside the Godby Road apartment complex, where Tilson lived, Pierre was allegedly trying to protect his younger sister from the other boy when the situation escalated.

'The mother went out there allegedly to break it up,' Master Sergeant Jeff Hightower told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Monday, adding: 'During the altercation, someone hit her in the face.'

Tilson then reportedly took out her small-caliber handgun and fired several shots into the crowd, accidentally striking Pierre, a freshman at Southwest DeKalb High School and a keen drummer.

First responders arrived at the scene in the 3100 block of Godby Road at around 8pm. They performed chest compressions on Pierre until EMS arrived and transported him to hospital.

Speaking to WSB-TV before Pierre's death at 1.30pm on Monday, the victim's father, Wayne Jones, said he forgave Tilson for 'accidentally' shooting their son, adding that she was on suicide watch.

'She's very distraught at this point,' Jones said. 'If she's looking or listening, I forgive you.' Pierre and his sister reportedly lived with their father, but had been visiting their mother for the Easter weekend.

Neighbors who heard the gunshots were shocked to hear Tilson had allegedly shot and killed her son, with many believing the mother should have reacted to the fight differently.

One neighbor, Leslie Brooks, said: 'I just think its really sad. I just think there's another way that the situation could have been handled. Maybe the police could have been called a little sooner.

'It shocked the whole community. Because there are a lot of children out. There are a lot of parents.

'I'm a mother, so I can only imagine the devastation that she is feeling as well.'

She added: 'But to pull out a gun, as a mother into a children's situation, I just think it's really sad.'

Another, Stacey Marshall, who was at South Hampton Estates when the dispute broke out, told 11Alive: 'It wasn't on purpose at all. It was a mother trying to protect her kids, it just went wrong.'

Southwest DeKalb High School band director, James Seda, who taught Pierre, said he was heartbroken when he heard the news of the shooting - and drove to the hospital to visit the teen.

He reportedly played one of the victim's drum solos in a bid to get him to respond, but to no avail.

Tilson also faces charges of family violence, reckless conduct and the use of a firearm during the commission of a felony, CBS reported. And she will likely face a number of upgraded charges.

She waived her first court appearance on Monday. Her next hearing will take place on April 20.

Fulton County District’s Attorney Office is dealing with the case. An investigation is ongoing.
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Re: Mother arrested after she fired into crowd of people to break up fight

Postby medicmike » Fri Apr 10, 2015 8:59 am

Carelessness with a firearm will catch up with you. As Bugs Bunny said "what a maroon"
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