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Charleston Church Shooting Was Death By Gun Control

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Charleston Church Shooting Was Death By Gun Control

Postby fastback65 » Mon Jun 22, 2015 6:13 am

A church in Charleston, South Carolina, is awash in blood today. Black or white is irrelevant, only the innocence of the slain is what matters. (We no longer need be racial tribalists in this country.) The typical talking heads and government elites have already ramped up their knee-jerk, siren song for gun control. I disagree with this call more strongly than I ever have because I believe gun control, and gun-free zones, are root causes of violent crime.

I claim that those nine lives — nine trusting, innocent, gullible, lives — were violently snuffed out because they had been brainwashed. They had been brainwashed by the left into forgetting, or ignoring, that evil exists in this world (e.g., criminals, mental defectives, drug addicts and jihadists). These innocent victims had been brainwashed into the false religion of 911: Call 911 and your modern day savior, the police, the government, a uniformed somebody, will come and protect you, save you and risk their lives to safeguard innocent life.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. It is not the case legally as the cops have no requirement, upheld by the Supreme Court, to protect you individually. (You cannot sue the police if they fail to protect you). It is not the case morally, as the police see their roles as to maintain order, and to help if, and only if, their lives are not imperiled (officer safety is paramount in their training). This is not the case logistically, as in a nation of 330 million souls, there is absolutely no way that 1 million sworn law enforcement officers can protect you, and your loved ones, from harm; even if they wanted to. There is literally not enough manpower to protect each and every one of us from the millions of evildoers cursed with malice-filled hearts, e.g. the merely clinically-insane, the violently drug-addicted, the opportunistic violent criminals.

Statistics tell us that in a population of 330 million, 20 percent or 66 million, will be right or left tail deviants (on a normal distribution curve). Of the 66 million deviants, 5 percent will be right tail extreme deviants and 5 percent will be left tail deviants. That means at every moment of every day, there are 6.6 million extremely sick, twisted and/or dangerous people among us.

At the moment, we have about 3 million people in jail, so there are about 3.6 million deviant time bombs among us. Are 1 million police officers capable of protecting the 270 million regular Americans from the 3.6 million who are looking for an opportunity to create mayhem, or who could be set off at any moment by who knows what stimuli?

Where does this leave us? More importantly, where does it leave you and your family?

My suggestion is that you and your loved ones practice concealed carry and become your own first responders — immediately. Purchase a Glock, a Smith & Wesson a Sig or a Ruger handgun (American made). Take lessons from an NRA certified instructor. Get a concealed carry license if one is required in your state. Train with your new firearm religiously (as if your life depended on it), and carry it on your person religiously (as if your life depended on it).

If you live in a state or town where government does not permit you to carry — move! Your life, and the lives of your loved ones, should not be imperiled one more day because your political “betters,” “superiors,” “masters,” and “commanders” feel that your God-given and your Constitutionally-guaranteed right to self-defense must take a back seat in favor of their belief in a governmental monopoly on the use of force.

Remember, they work for you, not the other way around. They, with their uniforms, their badges and their legal immunity can defend themselves (“not you, you peon,” is too often, their line of thinking). The gun controllers have contempt for you and would rather you be assaulted, raped and killed than for you be able to defend yourself and defend your family, by any means necessary. They literally despise the idea of you, a “common citizen,” acting in your own defense rather than meekly waiting for “authorized” help to arrive along with the ambulance (to scoop up your remains). They want you to passively wait, like a serf, a slave, a child. They care not for your suffering or death.

The gun-banners cringe and scoff when you tell them that your wife, your children, your friends and you all train, practice and work toward mastering the use of firearms. Let’s make them realize that “More Guns Equals Less Crime” as statistician John Lott has proven. I say, don’t wait another day to protect yourself. Independence Day, the day we as a nation commenced our fight for liberty, is right around the corner. Declare your own independence from reliance on chance or on assistance from others. Become a modern day Minuteman. Arm yourself. Get trained in gun safety and marksmanship. Carry your own protection with you; even to Church, as I do (Glock 27). Remember, you and your family are valuable members of our society and are worth defending. Psychopaths, murderers, rapists, torturers, Jihadists and other evildoers are not. Do not let Hollywood, the president, the Supreme Court, the PTA, the Mad Mothers (Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America) or anyone else convince you that you do not have the right, nor the duty, to protect yourself and your family.

The government and the left wingers have no moral,or legitimate legal authority to tell you how to defend yourself regardless of what lies they tell. Now is the time we must force them to accept nationwide concealed carry and nationwide open carry as a manifestation of our American birthright. Now is the time to force them to understand the facts that legitimate gun owners and concealed carry practitioners are the most law-abiding people in the country.

Please join Gun Owners of America, the National Association for Gun Rights, the NRA, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms ownership, the Second Amendment Foundation or any other strong pro-gun organization and fight for the Freedom to defend yourself, and your family everywhere in this country (including post offices, schools and government buildings). No more violent, senseless deaths because people have forgotten (or have never even realized) that we are all responsible for our own safety. No more violent and senseless deaths because people have been led to believe that it is someone else’s (aka the government’s) responsibility and duty to guarantee their safety. It is not. It is your responsibility. To arms. Live Free or Die.
"Never, under any circumstances, ever become a refuge... Die if you must, but die on your home turf with your face to the wind, not in some stinking hellhole 2,000 kilometers away, among people you neither know nor care about." - Ragnar Benson
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