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Mcdaniel lose tells me...

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Mcdaniel lose tells me...

Postby Oldfart » Wed Jun 25, 2014 7:58 pm

"It" is gonna be coming sooner than later. The Republican Party is so split the dems will hold control and advance their polices. It is truly going to take so major turn of events to make people see we can't keep growing govt entitlement programs and pay for things with borrowed dollars. Makes me sad but also makes me wanna get my butt in gear to prepare.
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Re: Mcdaniel lose tells me...

Postby fastback65 » Fri Jun 27, 2014 4:38 am

You are absolutely correct. There is no way patriots will tolerate Hillary and her anti gun, anti freedom, agenda. If you are not prepared, I would say you have less than two years to do so. For those that are depending on their hunting skills to keep them fed, talk to someone that lived through the great depression and ask them how that worked out for them. People will ignore hunting laws and seasons and there will be little or no game in short order. I used to shoot squirrels out of my pecan trees, but now I feed them. I have a small group of deer that frequent my property and I feed them as well. Fishing is a good alternative, but really, can you eat fish everyday? I recently had my pond dredged, deepened and widened, but it is not so much for fish as it is for water. This may resolve itself, I don't know, but I do know I am not willing to take a chance. My advice is this, Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids. Get all you can and be ever vigilant. Set up a "trouble word" you can pass on to your friends and family to warn them without warning others. Teach every member of your family about operational security, if you are storing food or guns or ammo, make sure your kids know that they are not to talk about it. During WW2, they had a saying loose lips sink ships. it is true today as well. Keep your preps to yourself and the close circle that you ally yourself with.

I know this all sounds alarmist, but it is coming soon.

Be safe and Be prepared.

"Never, under any circumstances, ever become a refuge... Die if you must, but die on your home turf with your face to the wind, not in some stinking hellhole 2,000 kilometers away, among people you neither know nor care about." - Ragnar Benson
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