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America's Future

Postby fastback65 » Sun Apr 28, 2013 3:44 pm

Does anyone know of a Conservative politician we can get behind? I have looked and looked and the ones I think would be good conservative candidates aren't interested. Could it be because the GOP eats it's own. If the Left throws a slur at a Conservative candidate, The GOP will try to distance itself from the accused. If the Leftist candidate does something wrong, they will cover it up, deny it, tell you that your eyes and ears are lying to you and they will repeat the mantra until all is forgiven. Who would want to put themselves and their families up for that kind of abuse. Sarah Palin was belittled, her children were belittled and there were even rumors of infidelity, all because they had nothing else to attack her with. They made stuff up. From the sorriest bastard ever to be on TV, David Letterman, to the POS running mate she had, no one had anything good to say about her. John McCain ran the worst campaign I have ever witnessed. He did not want to be President, he just didn't want a Conservative to be President. If we as the Right, want to have any chance of taking this country back, we have no choice but to get behind a true conservative that will not compromise his principals for money. Party be damned, The NEO CONS and RINOS are no different from the liberal left. Pray that we find a true American, we can all get behind, support, and do whatever necessary to elect.

"Never, under any circumstances, ever become a refuge... Die if you must, but die on your home turf with your face to the wind, not in some stinking hellhole 2,000 kilometers away, among people you neither know nor care about." - Ragnar Benson
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