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Uncle Tom’s Executive Home or the House Negro Mentality of Middle Class

Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they are not out out get you

Uncle Tom’s Executive Home or the House Negro Mentality of Middle Class

Postby HC5CA » Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:33 am

Let’s pretend for a moment that we were unlucky enough to be slaves on a 19th century Dixie cotton farm. What would you do, if you were granted the privileged position of a ‘house negro*. Would you count your blessings and thank God that you don’t need to work in the fields? Would you do everything in your power to prove to your slave master that he has made the right choice? Would you spend day and night to make his life easier and help him make more money? Or would you use your direct access to them to kill him? Killing one of them, you say wouldn't make any difference and most likely cost your life? Well, then, why not wait until the slave masters have one of their regular get-togethers and take them all out?! Who knows? You might inspire one or the other of your peers to do the same! No,you say, they are not really that bad, plus why should you risk it? You are quite happy with your privileged life as a ‘house negro’. Sure your Uncle Tom cabin is nothing compared to your master's mansions. But it certainly is much more luxurious than the field negro huts.

So what do you teach your children? Do you teach them read, write and whatever other skills will make them useful? Do you teach them to work hard and serve their master well, so that they will never have to work in the fields? Or do you teach them to run away, somewhere, where there is no slavery, because it is better to be dead or struggle for your daily survival as a free man than being a well taken care of slave?

And how do you react if one of the other slaves says anything bad about your master? Will you tell them that your master is really a good guy? That God wants you to be your master’s slaves? Will you no longer talk to him for fear to be suspected of harboring similar thoughts? Or worse, will you dob him in to please your master and prove to him what a reliable slave you are?

Most Middle Class people I have come across are no different. They study hard to be the most useful tools they can possibly be for our ruling crime families. They do their masters of this or that to prove how well they can memorize their lies. They do PHDs to prove how well they can help them come up with even better lies. As lawyer they help maintaining the illusion that there is so such thing as a ‘rule of law’. As politicians they help maintaining the democracy hoax. As media people and academics they help spreading the mobsters’ other lies. As corporate executives and bankers they steal from the poor and give to the rich. What for?

Just look at them, how scared they are, when you confront them with the truth on the New World Order, 9/11, or any other holy hoax. They know that their privileged lifestyle depends on maintaining the illusion and being seen to be reliable slaves. So they will either attack or ridicule you, and shun you from then on. House Negroes, that’s what they are. :geek:

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Re: Uncle Tom’s Executive Home or the House Negro Mentality of Middle Class

Postby fastback65 » Tue Nov 11, 2014 7:11 am

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