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The Dawn of New Caliphate

The Dawn of New Caliphate

Postby whtdragn » Wed Jan 09, 2013 3:17 pm

fastback thought you guys might like my little story.

The Dawn of a New Caliphate

A.N. Popplewell


The Dawn of a New Caliphate

Copyright © 2013 by A.N.Popplewell

I sit here on this cold stone floor inside this dirty cell, still stained from the blood of previous visitors. The booklet I am writing in was smuggled to me by a sympathetic guard. I told him I wanted to write letters to my family, I have no family left. I will write this in hopes it sees the light of day and that someone will read it and understand. Maybe a day long in the future when this great nation is free again if that ever comes to pass these words might give resolve and explain what we lost and how we lost it.

With the re-election of Barrack Obama in November 2012 our path now lay ahead of us. With no worries of another election he turned his agenda into high gear. The justice department was tasked with destroying any voter identification laws. The next election was to be open to anyone in the United States. The next target was any law that tried to stop illegal immigration. ICE stopped all deportations and criminal probes while HHS made it legal for residents who did not have papers to obtain social services. The resulting flood from south of the border was immediate. The southern states were flooded with illegal immigrants who did not even try and say they came here for the jobs they came for the free money. Some of the anti illegal immigration groups in the southwest stood watches on the border; some ranchers fired warning shots to stymie the flow. That did not last long. The border patrol cleared out most of the honest agents and hired in a new breed, most who were children of non citizens or were illegal themselves. A group of this new breed ambushed four ranchers who were demanding action for the damages done to their ranches. The agents killed them and then in an amazing coincidence the rancher’s homes burned to the ground, the very same night. In total 30 members of their families died that night. The Department of Justice went after citizens who protected themselves or their homes. The first was a father who was jailed and sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing the man he caught raping his daughter. He was in prison two days before he was killed. The second was a woman who was assaulted and almost raped by the animal. She pulled a revolver from the small bedside table and shot the attacker in the chest. She was arrested for not giving the animal a chance to stop. This is how it started but it became much worse. After the first year of the second term most of the honest agents in the FBI and other agencies had been fired or had decided it was time to quit. After all arms were classified as restricted under the 1968 Gun Control Act There was no period for turning the weapons in. In Colorado a gun collector with more than 150 guns was attacked by the Hostage Rescue Team. He was killed by a sniper as he fed his horses. Gun owners were then hunted down. The FBI background checks were always kept, none were destroyed. They had a default registration since the Brady Act was established. We were lied to and were complicit in our own demise.

If there can be one bright spot to this end that has come to the greatest country the world had ever seen is that the progressives are being slaughter just as the conservatives were before them. After Obama another more Liberal leader was elected. President Ellison Sipes was involved in unfettered immigration. Michigan was the first to fall. All elections went to immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East. Talk of votes being destroyed and widespread voter fraud was dismissed by the Department Of Justice. The DOJ was unaware that this was but a foothold. Three more states fell in the midterms and then finally in the Second Term of Sipes, Twelve states were wholly controlled by Islamic fanatics. The Muslim majorities used their connections to destroy the US economy with 300 dollar barrel oil. At the same time people were being ground down. The small skirmishes that had been going on during the previous four years were viciously stamped out. Bands of fanatics were sent out to burn down homes and kill entire families. Any family that grew gardens or were self sufficient, they would be targeted first. The people were being groomed to be kafir, second class citizens in the country their families fought and died for. The first year of the second Sipes term mostly conservatives were targeted. After the first year was done, a new Vice President had been put in place after the current Vice President was killed in a suspicious plane wreck. Then things turned nasty for the people who had made this happen. The progressives were promised positions of power and special perks. They were going to push green energy, vegan lifestyles and a multicultural utopia. It must have come as a surprise when twenty gay rights activists were hung by a local Muslim militia. Their only crime was being homosexual.

It is difficult to write this all down. My wrists are bruised and cut from the metal cuffs and the leather straps they used when they questioned me. That is not done that much anymore. The people that I knew would have left as soon as I was captured. The small groups of patriots were watched closely, it was difficult to know who to trust. They were groups of four or five and very seldom spoke outside that group.

After the LGBT hangings there was an outcry from the progressives, calling out the people who they helped place in power. Those voices quieted quickly when twenty senators where convicted in a speedy, day long trial and were then shot for insulting Islam. The army tried to fight the takeover but their numbers has been infiltrated and their powers diminished over the previous six years. The militias groups were the only law. Churches were burned to the ground and Mosques were built on their ruins, any groups trying to hold masses or religious services frequently had the preacher taken to the front of the congregation and shot. It happened time and time again until people would only meet in small groups in secret locations. The final straw to the US was the dissolution of the constitution. During the 3rd year Sipes made a fiery speech that the old documents were outdated and needed to show the more modern and universal appeal of Islam. Votes were taken and a new constitution ratified. Some of the people who still had the ability to resist tried.

I was the Mayor of a small town in Kentucky. My wife son and daughter were all outspoken critics. Kentucky had been a last bastion a holdout. The fact they were the most gun populist state helped. It only held them at bay for so long. Raids from the borders began in the 3rd year. The Governor was killed in an RPG attack. His lieutenant Governor had no stomach for the fight. He saved his family and flew to Belize in the dark of night. His last order was to allow a convoy of trucks to pass down I65. Twenty five semis filled with supplies were actually filled with militia. Louisville and then Bowling Green fell, then the militia spread across the state. Soon they had footholds around all the bridges. The I65 Bridge near Louisville had been rigged with explosives by Guardsmen, unbeknownst to the Lieutenant Governor; it was taken down before more trucks could cross. The Sherman Minton and the Second Street bridges that connected Indiana to Kentucky were mined and it would take weeks to secure them. The damage had already been done. Thousands of Islamic militants had crossed and were wreaking havoc. With attacks from outside the state boundaries and now a large contingent inside, time was not on our side. The next phase was to take out any local leaders. Mayors were shot and then crucified on the edges of small towns. When a town became too costly to fight biologicals were used. A small town in eastern Kentucky had held the militants to a standstill that is until smallpox ran rampant throughout the small town. The entire population of twenty five hundred people died a terrible death. Some towns tried to surrender, their leaders were gunned down regardless. The women were divided up and given to the militia leaders, anyone left was no more than a slave.

My son was killed as he tried to save a small child from gunfire. He went to a town meeting trying to get help from two towns to our west. He was wounded in the leg, once they knew he was my son they crucified him and left him to bleed to death. My wife and daughter were targeted and captured as they returned home to our family farm. We lived 2 miles outside of town and they went home to tend and feed the animals. I became worried the next morning when they did not show up. I found my wife bloodied and disemboweled our two dogs heads were chopped off and sat atop the gate posts. The rest of the animals had been poisoned. I took what guns I could and buried my wife and the dogs. She had loved them so and now they would spend eternity together. I knew they had taken my daughter. There was a local militia headquartered near Frankfort. She would be there. I pulled the old Jeep Woody away from the house. No one would live in this house. We built it with our blood and sweat; I would not leave it for them. I took one of the five gallon gas cans from the shed and walked throughout the house, pouring the combustible fluid as I went. I stood in the living room looking at the pictures of long dead family. Many of them were pictured in uniform. I felt that somehow I had betrayed them. We had not kept a better watch; we had allowed ourselves to be bought out by the next newest gadget. I walked out of the door and out to the Jeep and pulled a road flare from the backseat. I lit the flare and threw it at the front window. Flames tore from within as the flare ignited the gasoline fumes. I checked the guns and ammunition that I had secured from the old gun safe. I decided on the two AK and a couple of lever guns in 357, I also grabbed the scoped Ruger single shot 308. I had several handguns and ammunition for all of them. All of this was completely illegal since the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013. I stopped at the old family cemetery and left a note for my daughter if she were to ever return. I told her I loved her and was sorry I was not there to take care of her. I headed up and old moonshiner’s path back in the woods that I knew would take me close to the camp. I stopped on a ridge overlooking the camp and watched. The light was fading. I used a spotting scope and tried to find the commander. A commotion broke out. Someone was being pulled out of one of the tents. Several men pulled at the persons arms as a tall man in bright garb screamed in Arabic. I could see he was holding a cloth to his face, blood dripped down his chin. I looked to the captive. It was my daughter. She had fought back and took the fight to him. My heart sank as he pulled a knife from his waist and effortlessly moved it across her throat. Her body collapsed to the side. I stifled a wail as I steadied the rifle on a log in front of me. The scoped targeted on the man’s head that had just killed my beloved daughter. I worried that he might move but it seemed her was waiting for a doctor to treat his wound. I gently squeezed the trigger. The last picture I saw was the back of his head exploding from the round. I grabbed the gun and jumped back into the old Jeep, making my way deeper into the forest. I fought for several months killing as many as I could, but in the end it was futile endeavor. I was finally betrayed by a former friend. I took refuge in his barn on a cold night. I woke to the sound of militia surrounding the barn. I was caught. My truck was too far away and the only gun on me was a single action Ruger. I walked by my old friend, he was crying saying he had to do it. They promised to bring his daughter back. As they put me in the back of the truck, the militants opened fired on his entire family. I am sure word got around that giving comfort was punishable by death.

I have been held in this cell for six months. At first I was tortured and eventually told them what I knew but by then all the people who I could give them had moved on. Honestly there were not that many people left who were resisting. The people had lost their will, if they had ever had it. With the soaring numbers of people dependent on the government for their sustenance many simply gave up. Then neighbors turned on neighbors. They were promised extra food or gasoline. They gave up people who had previously helped feed them with food stores. They sold their neighbors who had guns or gold or food. Many in the poverty stricken inner cities actually converted and became the slave masters. I am to be hung tomorrow in the town square. The whole state like most others has been divided into camps. Leaders of large swaths of land brutally control the kafir population. It is mandatory that the people show up for my execution. We had so much and yet we allowed people to plunder the greatness of our heritage. We allowed fools to make rules and force us to abide by them as they flaunted their own illegal activities. We allowed those who knew nothing of the greatness of the country tear it down from the inside.

I hear the guard coming. I go to see my family once again. May our ancestors forgive us our arrogance. May this story find someone who can understand what we had and what we lost.
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Re: The Dawn of New Caliphate

Postby fastback65 » Wed Jan 09, 2013 6:07 pm

I asked Whtdrgn for permission to post this here because I thought it was timely and pertinent to what is going on now. Instead of just giving permission, he became a member and posted it for us. Please take time to read this and then take some more time and think about what you read. Thanks whtdrgn for taking the time to write and post this here. I hope we see more in the future.
"Never, under any circumstances, ever become a refuge... Die if you must, but die on your home turf with your face to the wind, not in some stinking hellhole 2,000 kilometers away, among people you neither know nor care about." - Ragnar Benson
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Re: The Dawn of New Caliphate

Postby stjwelding » Sat Apr 11, 2015 8:23 am

Thank you whtdrgn for this insightful story, very well written.
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