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After the End

Re: After the End

Postby fastback65 » Tue Sep 09, 2014 6:21 am

Chapter 46

“The footprint of this basement is a lot smaller than the house,” Frank exclaimed.

“That's right,” John said, “It might not mean anything, but I would bet there is a hidden door somewhere. Patty, you and Frank start looking behind cabinets and be sure and look on the floor for scrape marks, where something might have been moved.”

“I think I might have something over here,” said Patty, “but I need help moving it.”

“Let me get over there with the light, there may be a switch or lever or something that will open a panel,” said John.

The shelving looked pretty innocuous, but there were definitely marks on the floor suggesting the cabinet was hinged and would swing out from the wall. Frank started picking up things from the shelf one at a time and replacing them when nothing happened. All of a sudden he picked up an oil can and heard a slight click. Pulling gently on the cabinet, it swung open to reveal what appeared to be a blast door.

“How did you know, Dad,” Frank asked?

“I kind of figured it had a magnetic lock and the metal oil can was the trigger. When I moved it, it released the magnet which unlocked the shelving. Now let's see what is in here,” John said anxiously.

As the three stepped inside the blast door, LED lights began to come on.

“How is that possible, Dad, this house hasn't had electricity for months,” asked Frank?

“I am betting there are some solar cells hidden somewhere here and a battery bank as well. We will do a more thorough search when we go back up,” said John.

They found a room that was obviously food storage, as there were LTS cases stacked floor to ceiling. There was a room that had a complete reloading setup and pounds and pounds of various powders and bullets. A small locked closet in the corner looked suspiciously like a small armory to John. He set to work trying to locate the keys. There were bunks in a separate room and showers and toilet facilities. A large modern kitchen was found as well as a library and a media room with a large screen TV and a book case full of movies.

“Looks like they were set up for the long haul,” Frank said. “I lived next door to these people for years, and I never had a clue. I would sure like to know what happened to them.”

Patty said, “I may know,” as she held up a travel brochure for the Cayman Islands and the date written on the brochure was two days before the Tsunami. They were likely on vacation when the Caymans were washed away.

“Let's get out of here and look around the property. We can come back and get this organized later,” said Frank.

As they were walking back to Frank's house, John said,”I may can help you get rid of some more of that money if we work fast.”

“How is that,” Franks asked?

“I have an acquaintance that owns the bulk plant in town. He may have some oil and gas he has been holding. If I can arrange a deal, I will buy all I can get and tanks to store it in,” said John.

Frank called his friend and arranged to buy ten thousand gallons of diesel and seven thousand gallons of unleaded gasoline. He also bought two five thousand gallon tanks for the diesel and one ten thousand gallon tank for the unleaded gasoline. He arranged for the tanks to be delivered and filled and added several barrels of oil and Pri-G and Pri-D to keep the fuel viable for as ling as he could. He paid a premium for it, but the bulk plant owner figured he had more than he use before it went bad.

Next he started looking for a new tractor and parts for maintenance. He bought some heavy equipment and had it all delivered to the farm. He knew they would need a dozer and a track hoe to begin clearing the one thousand acre tract that was just bought.

Chapter 47

The farm was buzzing the next morning as John began digging the holes for the fuel tanks, Tom was like a sponge soaking up all he could on how to operate the bucket loader on John's tractor. When John was sure Tom could handle it, he turned it over to him and told him where he wanted the dirt placed.

The horn at the front gate was a truck with a low boy trailer carrying the D-8 Dozer and the Komatsu Track Hoe. It was the largest the dealer had.

“Is it prepped and ready for some work,” Frank asked the driver?

“Sure is,” came the reply, “and the boss will be out later with the filters and oils you ordered.”

“I sure appreciate you getting it out to us so early. Here, take this,” said Frank, handing the driver two hundred dollars, “that's one for you and one for whoever did the prep work.”

“Well then, thats two hundred for me, then. Outside of the owner, I am the only employee left. Theres just not enough people buying heavy equipment. Boss says he's going to shut it down next week.”

“Would you be willing to work for me on an as needed basis. It won't be full time at first, but I have about one thousand acres I need to get ready and I need someone that can operate and maintain heavy equipment,” Frank offered.

“Mister, I don't know what the pay is, but as of next Friday, if you still want me, I will be here,” said the driver.

“My name is Frank, and be here Saturday bright and early and we will talk terms,” Frank said.

“My name is Dalton, Dalton Moore, and I will be here at six am if that's good with you.”

“Make it five thirty and you can have breakfast with us. Do you have any family Dalton,” asked Frank.

“Got a wife and a twelve year old son. We was just barely making it, now AI don't know what we're going to do. I doubt I can make rent this month,” said Dalton.

“Be here Saturday and bring the family if you want to, I like to know a little about the people that work for me.” said Frank.

No sooner than the track hoe been unloaded John had it hard at work digging the holes for the tanks. It was all Tom could do to keep up with the volume of dirt coming out of the hole. Frank got the Dozer cranked and starting pushing the dirt into a large pile. Terry had the dimensions of the tank and was preparing a form that would be the footers the tank rested on. As soon as the holes were completed, he would place the forms in the holes and they could pour. Janet called them all for lunch just as another horn sounded at the gate.

“I've got you lubricants and filters here, said the owner of the heavy equipment dealership. Where do you want me to unload them.” he asked?

“My tractor has a pallet fork on it, I will get them for you,” said John.

“Why don't you come in and have a bite of lunch with us,” offered Janet?

While they were having their lunch, John said, “So, Dalton says you are shutting down. Is that true”?

“I really don't have a choice, I can't afford to stay open. It seems no one has any money and the ones that do aren't buying heavy equipment,” said Don, the owner of the heavy equipment dealership.

“How much inventory do you have left,” asked Frank.

“Not much much in the way of machimery, mostly parts and tools and such,” Don said.

“I might be interested in buying you out, if you can make me a good price and deliver it to me,” Frank said.

“Why don't you follow me back, and we can inventory and I will show you what I have that will work for the equipment you bought.”

“Sounds good to me,” Frank replied, “let's finish eating and hit the road.”
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Re: After the End

Postby fastback65 » Sat Sep 20, 2014 8:34 am

Chapter 48

Don was correct, there was very little left at the dealership, however, there was a toolcat and a lot of implements for it, more filters, hoses, fluids, and overhaul kits. Frank made him an offer for everything, including the portable office that was on the lot. Both men were well pleased with the deal and Don promised to deliver everything the next morning. Frank and John drove back to the house and told everyone the details and to be ready in the morning to help unload the trucks. Tom was anxious to get on the new equipment so John took him to the new property and told him to start clearing the land behind them but to save all the hardwoods that were over eight inches in diameter and to not go deeper than 100 feet from the property line and to push all the pines and other trees into an orderly pile so they could salvage as much wood as possible. John had a line on a portable sawmill and he hoped to start sawing some of the pine into wood they could use. Terry had finished the forms for the fuel tank footings and was busily pouring concrete with the help of Patty, James, and Sara. The tanks would be there in three days so Terry added Calcium Carbonate to the concrete so it would cure faster. They had done all they could, now they needed the weather to cooperate.

Patty took Sara and James over to the house next door and started cleaning up the bedrooms so they would have somewhere to sleep.

“You know,” Sara said, “our house is full of furniture and all our clothes and linens are there. Why can't we just stay there.”

“There is safety in numbers,” said Patty, “you two will be much safer here and we will be two with two more sets of eyes watching over thing,” she said.

“Do you think Mr. Frank will let us his truck to move our stuff down here,” asked James?

“I don't see why not,” Patty replied, “We can go ask him as soon as we get this place cleaned up some. James, why don't you start by opening all the windows.”

“The windows all have wires on them,” yelled James, “Should I open them anyway?”

“It looks like an alarm system,” said Patty, “let's let Frank look at it first.”

Patty calleld Frank on the two way radio and explained what they had found. Frank told them not to do anything until he and Terry got there, fearing a booby trap.

Terry carefully followed all the wires and found no evidence of a booby trap, but, he told Frank he could wire the alarm into Frank's alarm system to alert them if anyone tried to break into the property.

“Do it,” said Frank, “Then I will feel better about these young folks staying over here. Go ahead and open the all the windows and let's air this place out. Patty, you and Sara, bring all the lines over to the house and let's get started washing everything in here. I will leave the truck so you can use it. James, you help Terry with anything he needs and then you two can go get all your stuff from your old house.”

Frank let walking home and everyone else got busy with their assigned tasks. Janet met him at the door and said the fuel man would be by later that afternoon to drop the tanks. They would have a day to get everything plumbed and then he would be back to fill them. Tom and John were clearing the new property at a feverish pace. Tom was becoming very proficient on the dozer and the track hoe. They were building a huge pile of logs and John was preparing a place to put the portable sawmill he bought when a shot rang out from the woods. Tom and John both bailed off the machines they were on and snapped their rifles in the direction the shot came from.
"Never, under any circumstances, ever become a refuge... Die if you must, but die on your home turf with your face to the wind, not in some stinking hellhole 2,000 kilometers away, among people you neither know nor care about." - Ragnar Benson
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Re: After the End

Postby fastback65 » Thu Sep 25, 2014 4:32 am

Chapter 49

John snatched the radio from his belt and notified Frank about what was going on. Tom signaled to Frank that he could see the shooter. John indicated to Tom that he should take the shot. Tom thought it might be a good idea to try and talk to the shooter so he aimed for a non lethal target and squeezed the trigger. The screaming could be heard clearly, indicating that Tom had indeed hit his target.

“Don't shoot,” came the cry from the wood line, “Please don't shoot me again.”

“Throw your weapon out and put your hands behind your head, if you move, you will be killed.”

Tom saw the shooter throw his weapon out and he started to get up from his cover.

“Freeze”, said John, “We don't know if he has another weapon or not. Wait for him to show his hands, and then you cover him and I will walk out to him. Move up when I motion you forward, but stay behind me and keep him covered.”

“Yes sir,” replied Tom, feeling foolish for jumping the gun.

John could see the man was trying to crawl toward them and he cautioned the man again to freeze or be shot. The man instantly froze and locked his fingers tightly behind his head. John could see the blood on the man's shoulder and knew he had to be in pain holding his arms above his head. He motioned for Tom to move up and together they reached the wounded man.

“What in hell do you mean by shooting at us,” asked Tom, “I could have killed you.”

“I was trying to scare you away from the machinery so I could get a little gas,” said the shooter, I have stranded on the road for a week.”

“You wouldn't have gotten any gas from here,” said John, this equipment runs on diesel. All you would have done is ruin your car.”

Frank joined the two men and got caught up on the story.

“Are you alone,” asked Frank?

“My wife is waiting at the car with the kids,” explained the shooter, “I wouldn't have shot anyone honest, we are hungry and desperate, but I wouldn't have hurt anyone.”

“Let's get him up to the house and patch him up,” said Frank, “Tom you can take the truck and go get his family, if he will be kind enough to give us directions.”

“You won't hurt them, will you,” the man asked anxiously?

“Not unless they try to hurt us,” Tom said matter of factually.

After being given detailed instructions, Tom set out to find the man's family. Janet and June patched up the shoulder as well as they could. It was mostly a deep grazing wound with no bone contact. They fixed the man something to eat, and he began to tell his story.

“There is no law out there, you know,” he began, “there is nothing but looting and killing and raping, and well you name it. The police in our town just went home. A friend of mine that was an officer said they decided it was time to protect their own families. There has been no word from the federal government either. We all thought that FEMA or DHS would come and help. Word has it that the Government as we knew it no longer exists. No one was getting paid so they just quit working. There is nothing open anymore and if by some wild chance you can find something to buy, you can't afford it. I was offered a loaf of home made bread, stale mind you, for four hundred dollars. There is no compassion for children, just greed and meanness.”

“Well, we don't have much”, said Janet, “but we can feed you and your family and maybe get you back on the road.”

“That arm is going to hurt like blazes for a day or two.” said June, “Maybe we can find a pain pill or two to help you out.”

Tom found the man's wife and child exactly where he said they would be. They were just sitting on the ground beside the car. Tom took the gas can out of the jeep and put a couple of gallons in the car and then he had to jump start them. They had drained the battery using the lights.

“Follow me,” he told the lady, “I will take you to Tom.

Chapter 50

Tom brought the family into the hose and reunited them with their patriarch. Janet told them to sit down and eat, and they did not have to be asked twice. They ate as if it were their first meal in some time. Tom relayed to Frank how he had found them just sitting by the car as if they had nothing to fear.

“Mister,” Frank began, “do you not have enough regard for the safety of your family to even teach them to hide?”

“I guess I was thinking,” the wounded man replied.

“Not thinking will get you not breathing now a days,” said Frank, “I have thought it over and these are your options as far as I can see. We will fill your tank and give you an extra five gallons of gas and enough food to last you for three days. You will get in your car and leave from here and never return.”

“What are the other options,” the man asked?

“You and your family will be buried in the back pasture. We cannot and will not provide handouts for everyone that comes along. The only reason you are being offered this is because you have kids. You are obviously a liberal, thinking that the government will take care of you. I would suggest that if you have family or friends that will take you in, go there and learn to pull your weight. Please do not take our kindness for weakness. If you come back either by yourself or with a group, you will be killed. Do you understand?”

“You just can't kill people without a reason,” the man protested.

“In case you haven't noticed, things have changed. We can and will kill you. Tom, fill up their car and give them a can full of gas. Our company will be leaving as soon as they finish eating.”

“You can't just send us back out there,” the man's wife said, “You have no idea what it's like. Everything is closed, there is no food, and even if we had any money, there is nowhere to spend it. Please let us stay here.”

“I guess you weren't listening when I gave you your options,” said Frank. m”The only way you stay is in a hole six feet deep.”

“You are a mean and hateful man,” she spat at Frank.

“I am giving you gasoline and food and helping you on your way, all this after your husband shot at us and tried to steal from us without even asking for help. Maybe I am mean and hateful, but you ma'am and your husband are thieves and leeches. I think we have enjoyed enough of your company, you may leave now.”

“You haven't seen the last of us, the woman shouted as they were driving away,” her sharp tongue earning her a backhand from her husband who was trying to drive.

He stopped the car and stepped out and turned toward the family assembled outside, “Thank you, Mister, and you most certainly have seen the last of us. We will not be back.”

“Frank,” asked Janet, “Could it be as bad as they say?”

“I don't know,” said Frank, “I think tonight would be a good time to crank up the HAM radio and see if we can get a little information about the rest of the world. Terry, would you like to ride into town with me, I want to see the sheriff about something?”

“Whenever you're ready boss,” said Terry.
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Re: After the End

Postby fastback65 » Fri Oct 03, 2014 3:34 am

Chapter 51

There was precious little information on the HAM bands, especially locally. Frank did learn that most of Europe and Eastern Asia had collapsed financially when the dollar was devalued. There was no news at all from China. Frustrated with the lack of information, Frank turned the radio off and he and Terry put together a small road bag for the trip into town in the morning.

The house was filled with breakfast smells when Frank awoke, remembering his planned trip. He scurried to the kitchen, swiping a piece of bacon off the full tray. He fixed himself a plate and he and Terry got down to the business of starting the day. The rest of the family felt somewhat excluded as the talk was centered around the trip.

Saying their goodbyes the two men got in Terry's old land rover and started for town. The twenty mile trip seemed to take forever. When they got their they were shocked. There were no open stores and a few had been burned out.

“Let's go to the sheriff's office and see if we can find out anything,” Frank suggested.

There was a note on the door advising the Sheriff's Office was closed. “That doesn't seem right,” said Terry.

“It's not right,” Frank agreed. “Let's go over to the sheriff's house and see what's going on.”

They drove over to the sheriff's house and were met by a locked gate and a warning sign. KEEP OUT!, was the stern warning, Terry honked the horn a couple of times and Frank saw a gun barrel emerge from a window.

“It's me, Frank and Terry, we just drove into town to see what was going on,” Frank yelled at the house.

“Keep your hands where I can see them and Don't try anything funny. I will be out to the gate in a minute.” came the reply.

The sheriff's face looked haggard and drawn as if he hadn't slept in some time. “Good to see you Frank, but you guys took a big chance coming into town.”

“What happened here,” asked Frank? “Where is everyone and why are all the stores closed?”

“I couldn't afford to pay any of my deputies and they all went home to try and protect their own families. Frank, there have been a number of changes since you were last in town. Why don't the two of you come on in and let;s get caught up. I'll get the gate for you.”

“Frank,” the sheriff began, “since you were last here, there was a run on the bank that pretty ugly, most of the merchants sold what they could and left with what they could carry, my own men were looting. I didn't know what else to do, I called the state and they told me that we were on our own. The state government has shut down. The federal government has shut down, and no one knows who is in charge.”

“Why are you still here,” Frank asked the harried man?

“I don't have anywhere else to go. My wife and I have managed to put back some food over the years and I haven't forgot how to farm. I was raised on a farm.”

“Who is in charge,” asked Terry?

“In charge of what,” the Sheriff asked right back, “In case you didn't notice, there is nothing left. There are precious few people and there are no open stores, there is no law, and there is no money. There is nothing to be in charge of. Frank,” the sheriff continued, “I know you are doing well out where you are, I don't how and I don't want to know, but, people talk and sooner or later you are going to start getting hit by organized groups. I am going to deputize you and Terry and your your Dad, John. It may or may not give you a legal standing once things return to normal, but it will give you the authority to protect what you have. Raise your right hands.”

The sheriff deputized both of them and gave them badges and also the authority to deputize John. The sheriff seemed to run out of energy and told them he was going to lie down for a while and they were in charge of their end of the county.

“Sheriff, if you need anything, call us on the radio and we will come to you. Don't go hungry, we can help. We have some medical supplies but not enough for the whole town,” said Frank.

“We are damn near the whole town,” replied the sheriff.

The lights took that exact moment to blink twice and then the electricity was no more. “Well, I have been expecting that,” said the sheriff.

“We will bring you a solar cell and help you set up a charging station for your radios and maybe a little light. It won't be a lot, but it will be something,” and with that , Frank and Terry were on their way back to the farm.

Frank and Terry, relayed to everyone else what had gone on in town, the younger kids were all over at the new house cleaning and moving in, everyone was excited to be getting their own space and it was decided that Patty would be the absolute authority over the other kids. Terry set up a console in the basement shelter and was able to view all the cameras, just as Frank could from his console.
"Never, under any circumstances, ever become a refuge... Die if you must, but die on your home turf with your face to the wind, not in some stinking hellhole 2,000 kilometers away, among people you neither know nor care about." - Ragnar Benson
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Re: After the End

Postby HC5CA » Fri Oct 03, 2014 4:57 pm

Pri-G is some good stuff! I've used it in the lawnmower gas cans for years, and never been let down, yet.


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Re: After the End

Postby fastback65 » Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:02 pm

Chapter 52

Patty and the group came over first thing in the morning for breakfast. The assembled group had decided to have as many of their meals together as they could, but there was food in both houses just in case. They discussed putting a tunnel between the two properties but it was tabled for the immediate term. Patty asked if Tom could be relieved from clearing the new property long enough to help them get a garden started. It was decided they would just extend the current garden as it would be quicker and they were only a few hundred yards away.
Over the next few months, the small group continued to thrive, there was the occasional visitor and they were invited to stay for a meal as long as they exchanged a little labor for it. Most of them were glad for the opportunity to fill their stomachs and word soon got around that if anyone was hungry, there was a meal to be had. Not free, but worth every bit of effort it took.
With all the fuel tanks topped off and the pantry over flowing, Janet and Frank discussed the possibility of adding a few more people to their group. There was a couple that had become pretty regular at showing up to work and eat. Frank had noticed that both of the them regularly saved some of their meal and took it with them. Janet said it looks like they may be feeding someone else, maybe children. Frank thought it would be a good idea to approach them and try to find out more about them. Janet agreed.

“John was overseeing the drying of all the boards he and Tom had cut with the portable sawmill. “I think we could sell some of this, it is ready to use, the only problem is nobody has any money to buy it.' he said.

Tom was quick to agree, “We might as well be cutting firewood and preparing lumber, there is no market for it and the firewood would be less work.”

“I don't know Tom,” said John, “Something tells me we need to make as much building ready lumber as we can. We can always cut firewood, but there is a nagging voice in my head that says cut lumber.”

“Well, I haven't heard anything, but I will bow to your intuition and we will make lumber,” said Tom.

Back at the house, there was potential trouble at the gate. There were no less than a dozen people demanding to be let in and except for the young couple they want to talk to, Frank didn't recognize any of them.

“Get on the radio and let Terry know what's going on and then let Dad and Tom know. This could get nasty,” Frank warned.

Frank walked out to the gate and called the couple to the front, “Do you two know any of these people,” asked Frank?

“We have never seen them before,” the young man answered, clearly nervous. “They started following us just outside of town and we were sure we would be robbed.”

“Well, I got a bad feeling about them. I am going to let you two in. You go straight to the house and Janet will let you in the house. I am going to delay this group a little, we have some help on the way.”

Frank radioed Janet and told her the couple were on the way up, and to let them in. Janet told Frank that Terry was going to approach the crowd from behind and Tom and his Dad were flanking them.

“I am going to try and stall them for a minute if I can. It may be nothing, but we need to know for sure,” Frank said.

“If everyone will get in a line, we will be going to the fields in just a minute. Now I haven't seen any of you before, so I need to get a little information from each of you.”

Frank was scouring the area behind the crowd and was relieved when he saw Terry and Patty, taking up shooting positions. He knew Janet and June would be shooting form the hous and Tom and his Dad should be in position by now.

“This is the way it works,” Frank began, “We will work from now until around noon, and then there will be a break for about forty five minutes while we eat and take care of any personal issues you need to take care of. No one is allowed into the house or barn, unless you area accompanied by a resident. No offense, but I don't know any of you and if that offends you, you can leave now. Snacks will be handed out on the way to the gardens, but there will be no other feeding until the noon break.”

“We're hungry now,” a voice from the crowd called out, “Why can't we eat first.”

“Because that is not how it works,” Frank shouted back, “We have a system here that works and if you are not willing to work within our boundaries, you might need to hit the road.”

“How about we just come and take what we want, we have you outnumbered,” said another voice.

“I think that would be a foolish move on your part,” Frank re countered, “Now if anyone is interested in working for a meal, according to the rules I laid out, come to the front, if you are not interested, move along.”

An elderly man and a young boy walked to the from of the crowd. The old man was stooped and frail looking. “Me and my grandson would like to work for a meal,” said the old man, “I might not look like much, but I can give you a good day's labor.”

“Come on in,” Frank said, “go up to the main house and wait for me there. Anyone else?”

“We ain't leaving without a meal,” said the loudmouth from earlier. “Now you go and fetch us some food or we will take everything.”

There were several nods of agreement and Frank thought this had gone on long enough. He keyed the mic on his radio and told everyone to show themselves. John and Tom stood up and had their rifles directed at the assembled mob. Patty and Terry did likewise and Janet and June let themselves be seen at the house.

“Move along,” Frank said rather forcefully, and don't come back or you will be shot.

“Oh, we'll be back,” said the loudmouth, “and when we do, we will be armed.”

“Then maybe we should just shoot you now,” said Frank.

The assembled mob broke and ran with more than a few curses and threats thrown back over their fleeing shoulders.

“You know,” said Terry, “They will be back.”
"Never, under any circumstances, ever become a refuge... Die if you must, but die on your home turf with your face to the wind, not in some stinking hellhole 2,000 kilometers away, among people you neither know nor care about." - Ragnar Benson
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Re: After the End

Postby fastback65 » Wed Oct 15, 2014 3:38 pm

Chapter 53

Everyone was on high alert for the next few days, then things settled back into the normal routine. The threats made by the mob at the gate, were on everyone's mind, but there was so much to do, it wasn't foremost. The couple they interviewed, Max and Ann, were going to work out OK. As suspected, they were carrying food to someone else. They had two very small children they were feeding. The men began work on a house for them using the lumber they had cut on the property. They planned a trip into town to try to find some plumbing and electrical supplies. They planned to add the new house to the wind and solar system.

Tom was bringing a load of lumber on the Toolcat, when a shot rang out and Tom fell over to the side , obviously unconscious. John witnessed the shooting and as fast as he could, he called on the radio for help and warned of an active shooter. He got to the Toolcat and pulled Tom from the operator's seat and helped him to the ground. The entire side of Tom's head was covered in blood. Frank arrived and helped John pull Tom's body back to the house. Terry had gone to the woods to try and find the shooter. Suddenly the radio crackled to life.

“We have about twenty or so men out here and they are all armed,” said Terry. “It looks like Tom was a target of opportunity. They are no doubt planning to charge us as soon as they can get organized. There seems to some dispute over who is leading them.”

“Everyone take defensive positions,” Frank shouted, “We are going to be attacked at any moment. Dad, you take the Barrett and go to the barn. You will be able to create some havoc from there. Patty, you take the full auto and get behind the berm. We are not taking any prisoners. Everyone there is to be terminated.”

Janet and June, took the small kids to the basement and secured themselves inside. Janet argued, but to no avail. Frank was adamant. Max and Ann offered their help, Max being ex military. Frank accepted and armed them both and assigned them to their fighting positions. Terry again activated his radio.

“Their coming,” was all he said.

Shots started pinging off the hose and fire started returning from the family. The Barrett spoke loudly from the hardened position in the hayloft and the attackers began falling as they crossed the large expanse of bare ground.

“Surely they see they can't possibly win,” said Frank, 'They will all be slaughtered.”

“Desperate people will do desperate things,” said Max. “Those people are hungry and they are too lazy to work for it. They have been on the government teat so long, they don't know how to work anymore.”

“If they continue to come across that empty field like they are doing now, their problems will soon be over,” said Frank.

“Some of them are hesitating and wanting to turn back,” said John, “Do we let them go?”

“Do you want to have to fight them again,” asked Frank? “Take them out.”

The boom from the Barrett could be heard over all else as the fleeing mob fell one by one until there was no one left standing.

“Get Janet and Mom up from the Shelter,” said Frank, “What is the status on Tom?”
"Never, under any circumstances, ever become a refuge... Die if you must, but die on your home turf with your face to the wind, not in some stinking hellhole 2,000 kilometers away, among people you neither know nor care about." - Ragnar Benson
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Re: After the End

Postby Oldfart » Thu Oct 16, 2014 6:47 am

Poor tom, they needed to have a roaming patrol after the gate incident. Keep em coming
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Re: After the End

Postby fastback65 » Mon Oct 20, 2014 4:32 am

Chapter 54

Tom never stood a chance, the slug from the high powered rifle had taken most of the side of his head off. There was little doubt that Tom had died before he was dragged of the machinery. The sadness was palpable. Patty stood beside his body in complete shock. Only Janet noticed that Patty slowly moved her hand over her stomach as she silently mourned. The first fatality of the group was a bitter pill to swallow, with everyone blaming themselves for letting their guard down. Frank spoke tersely and quickly, “I will prepare a burial spot, there will be a meeting after we bury Tom.”

John took his backhoe and he and Frank quickly dug a grave for Tom. “That hole seems awfully deep”, said Frank.

“I was told you bury your friends deep”, said John, “I worked very closely with that young man and I thought of him as more than a friend. If you will hold up on putting him in the ground for a few hours, I will build a coffin for him. He deserved that.”

“Of course, Dad”, said Frank, “I just thought the sooner we got this behind us, the sooner we can try to regain some normalcy.”

Janet pulled Patty to the side and asked her point blank the question she had on her mind. “Are you pregnant,” she asked?

“How did you know,” said Patty, “Tom and I were going to tell everyone, but we were waiting for the right time.”

“Patty, I am happy for you and sad at the same time,” said Janet. “Raising a child by yourself is going to be hard, but at least you will have a part of Tom with you. The group will do all we can to help, if you will let us.”

Patty hugged Janet and said, “I have never been more afraid, What if I am not ready for this”?

“Dear, babies don't care if you are ready or not. When they decide to come, they will come and you will find that are ready,” explained Janet.

Tom's body was placed in the coffin that John had hastily prepared and the body was lain to rest. Looking at the faces of the mourners, it was evident, that while they were grieving mightily, they were were also very angry. John said some words over the body and the group prayed for Tom's safe journey to heaven.

“We will meet back at the main house in fifteen minutes,” said Frank, “There are going to be some changes.”
"Never, under any circumstances, ever become a refuge... Die if you must, but die on your home turf with your face to the wind, not in some stinking hellhole 2,000 kilometers away, among people you neither know nor care about." - Ragnar Benson
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Re: After the End

Postby fastback65 » Fri Oct 31, 2014 12:36 pm

Chapter 55

It was decided that from this point forward, all group members would be armed at all time. It was further decided that anyone working more than 100 feet from the main house was to have at least one person with them. This led them to realize they needed more people. Not just warm bodies, but people that cold be depended on. People that were like minded and took their freedom and survival seriously.

“But where do we start looking,” asked Janet, “it's not like there are a lot of people left.”

“We start right here'” said John, “I am sure everyone here knows someone that we could try and find and offer them a place. It would have to be an unanimous decision, of course.”

“There were a couple of guys I worked with that seemed to be like minded,” said Frank. “They don't live too far from here, I suppose it would be worth a try.”

“Max, do you or Ann know of anyone that would be a good fit,” asked Frank.

“Ann has a sister that is married. They are good people, but we haven't been to contact them. They would be a good fit, I will vouch for them,” said Max.

“How do you propose we find them,” asked Terry?

“Last we heard, they were in Alabama,” said Ann. “My family has some property there. We were headed there when we found you guys, and we are pretty road weary.”

“Do you think that you two and Terry could take a truck and extra fuel and check it out. It should only take two or three days. We can provision you and supply the truck and fuel, but I must warn you, if they don't work out, they will be asked to leave.”

“Absolutely we can do it, and if they don't measure up, I will tell them myself they have to leave,” said Max.

“Terry, do you know of anyone you could bring in,” asked John?

“Well, there was this lady I was kind of sweet on, I might be able to contact here on the Ham radio. It would be nice to have someone else my age here,” said Terry. “I will try and contact her tonight or at least put out some inquires and maybe we can get here on the same trip.”

You all know my story,” said Patty. “There are no relatives, but I did have some friends, I am just not sure if they are still alive or not. Do you think we could look?”

“Of course we can, sweetie,” said Terry, “let us get through with the Alabama trip and then you and I can hit the road.”

Things went relatively well for the next three days and the travelers were ready to hit the road. They had provisions enough for the three of them plus six more and extra fuel canisters were secreted inside the bed of the four door pickup. They even brought a fresh battery in case they needed to get another vehicle running.

“You guys be careful,” said Frank, “remember, we are trying to add people not lose them. Check in every night on the frequency we decided on. If you miss two check ins, we are coming to look for you.”

With that, Terry pointed the truck out the drive and set off in search of friends and family.
"Never, under any circumstances, ever become a refuge... Die if you must, but die on your home turf with your face to the wind, not in some stinking hellhole 2,000 kilometers away, among people you neither know nor care about." - Ragnar Benson
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