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Going through seeds and growing something new

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Going through seeds and growing something new

Postby sarawolf » Thu Apr 09, 2015 9:22 am

Just been going through things, we have saved seeds from different varieties of beans, potatoes and corn. We can't even plant the potatoes until May as we are still having freezes here and there and its been snowing this week off and on. The golds do the best up here along with the Pontiac reds.

Every once in a while we like to try something new, but it has to be the fast growing kind of stuff, all we can count on weather wise is July and August without freezes, well so far. I tramped around the garden area yesterday and saw the frost and snow hasn't gotten my spinach patch and its just beginning to come up :).

Just wondering what you all are thinking of planting this year?
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Re: Going through seeds and growing something new

Postby fastback65 » Thu Apr 09, 2015 1:35 pm

We planted tomatoes today. Kind of late getting them out. It has been a strange Winter down here, Central Mississippi, but toay it is in the mid 80'2. Thunderstorms predicted for tomorrow. I am pretty certain our frosts and freezes are gone for a while. Goo luck with the spuds.
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Re: Going through seeds and growing something new

Postby Redneck_Packrat » Fri May 08, 2015 8:19 pm

Having a weird spring here. Maybe it's the one that averages us out, but the end of March through the middle of April saw close to 20 inches of rain total, with some almost every day. Lots of replanting. Corn drowned.... all the greens drowned. I HOPE the gophers drowned! This pic was taken last Tuesday, and part of it looks like it should for this time of year, part of it looks like it's mid-March from replanting. Probably too late on a lot of the replant, it'll burn up before producing, but oh well, rather try than leave the ground empty.

THEN, it turned off bone dry with a northwest wind and within 3 days I was watering like crazy. Love south Texas weather!

Had a couple packages of seed get caught out hidden under something in the back of my truck and got soaked, found 'em before they sprouted so I stuck 'em in the ground right quick and they took. We're gonna be rolling in cukes, serrano peppers, and green beans if they all make! Not complaining, though :lol:
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