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Our first batch of squash!!!

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Our first batch of squash!!!

Postby Muleskinner » Tue May 22, 2012 7:17 pm

From our small container garden on the backyard porch, we were able to cook up our first batch of squash! It was delicious!!!
My wife stewed it in the frying pan with onions, salt and pepper. This was the sweetest tasting squash I've ever had. I can't brag enough, although y'all might get tired of it. ;) We have been suprised how well our little garden has been doing so far. Pretty much having to water each day, except when it rains, because it gets so warm on the uncovered concrete patio that faces directly west. We'll stay on top of it as best we can for now. Already getting a few 'maters from a couple of "Megabite" plants she picked up from WallyWorld. They're a smaller variety that so far have been delicious. Never been a gardener until the last couple of years and haven't had much luck until this year. This is fun.
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Re: Our first batch of squash!!!

Postby fastback65 » Wed May 23, 2012 4:17 pm

I love Squash. Cook it in bacon grease and crumble the bacon in with it. We will be lucky to get any after the hail They are looking better, but I think evry leaf has a hole in it.
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