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CT Supreme Court: Knives and Batons Also Protected by Second Amendment

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CT Supreme Court: Knives and Batons Also Protected by Second Amendment

Postby fastback65 » Tue Dec 23, 2014 11:49 am

The Connecticut Supreme Court has published a decision, to be “officially released” on December 23, showing their opinion that knives and batons are protected under the Second Amendment, along with firearms.

The decision came after Jason William DeCiccio was arrested for transporting “a dirk knife and a police baton … in a motor vehicle” from his former residence in Connecticut to his new residence in Massachusetts. “A jury found him guilty for two counts of having a weapon in a motor vehicle,” and he appealed the subsequent conviction.

From the CT Supreme Court’s decision on the case:

We … conclude, first, that the possession of a dirk knife and a police baton in a person’s home is protected by the Second Amendment and, second, that our statutory scheme, which categorically bars the transportation of those weapons by motor vehicle from a former residence to a new residence, impermissibly infringes on that constitutional right.

The Court found that the dirk knife is within the term of “arms” for purposes of the Second Amendment,” and the police baton was “not dangerous” enough to be excluded from Second Amendment protection, either.

Because DeCiccio was transporting protected weapons in this manner, his conviction was overturned.
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