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Medicmike's BOV Build

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Medicmike's BOV Build

Postby medicmike » Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:55 am

Ok, so not as much a BOV as a get around for the immediate time after a disaster rig. I do plan on sheltering in place.

The truck is a 1992 Ford F250 4x4 with an Extra Cab. Fairly high miles but seems to be in good mechanical condition. Had a good Warn winch and tires on it when I bought it. I have had the truck for about a year and a half and use it for exploring the logging roads in the area, hauling the dogs to the beach and general hauling of stuff around the place.

I started a thread in the communications section for the install of a 2m radio in the truck here viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1507

I will add to this thread as I continue with modifications/improvements of the truck. I welcome discussion on anything posted. If you think something is a bad idea or improperly implimented please feel free to speak up! :)

As posted in my other thread the most immediate threat in my AO would be weather or Tsunami. I am sheltered at the house as we are far enough inland and high enough that a Tsunami won't likely touch us but the main highway (US 101) is direct in the path. There are logging roads throughout the area that could be used to get around on so one could likely pick a route around washouts.

Recent history and why to be prepared;

Not a comprehensive list by any means, just hitting a few highlights.

December, 2014: Heavy rains washed out portions of HWY 101 north of Gold Beach (there was no traffic moving on this section of 101 for several days). We had heavy rainfall for several days, dropped 9" of rain in 24 hrs. This sort of thing happens at least once a year.

March, 2011: The Tsunami that devastated Japan also made itself felt here, boats and dock were damaged in the marina at Brookings and more so in Crescent City, CA (about 25 miles to the south)

March, 1964: Tsunami wiped out a good portion of Crescent City, CA. Extensive damage occurred along the shoreline, about half of the businesses located near the shore were wiped out and 11 people died as a result.
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Re: Medicmike's BOV Build

Postby 1985 4runner » Wed Jan 14, 2015 10:16 pm

Like where you're going with this.

I am looking for a similar type/year vehicle here. Will eagerly follow your progress.
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